Cookies record information about your visit to our website. Upon your first visit to the website, a cookie (an information file) will be saved on your computer; this provides simplicity and speed for the user, but at the same time represents an intrusion into privacy as well as the possibility of its subsequent use of directed advertising.


Cookie Content

A cookie contains basic information about your visit to a particular website: the name of your computer or your name, as well as the name of the website you visited. Cookie content is saved in a special directory on your computer. A double click on the file provides more detailed information about the visited website, including the date and time of the visit. This same information is saved with the editor of the website visited, by way of which much can be revealed about your hardware and your use of the internet.

Using special settings, cookies can be erased, disabled, or used under prescribed conditions. In default mode, web browsers are set to accept cookies but reject those which do not emanate from within the title bar.

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