The consortium has all key competences along the value chain of the balancing markets: ancillary services control, demand response, distributed generation, system and AGC modelling, real test process,…

  • Four interconnected European TSOs (ELES, APG, Transelectrica and MAVIR), operating rather small power systems (peak consumption between 2 GW and 11 GW) with various production portfolios,
  • Two research centres (EIMV, EKC Ltd.) working closely with TSOs with key competences in eletricity market design, modelling and simulation, including cross-border balancing and demand-side response,
  • Two European retailers operating within the control areas of the TSOs (Elektro Energija d.o.o.Elektro Ljubljana d.d., GEN-I d.o.o.),
  • One major IT solution provider (SAP), expert in data management,
  • One innovative company specialized in demand response management (cyberGRID GmbH),
  • One leading expert company in digital cyber security (Thales),
  • One company specialized in software solutions for sustainable energy projects (3E).

Austria : APG - CyberGRID GmbH

Austrian Power Grid AG

Austrian Power Grid AG (APG) operates the Austrian transmission grid, which is part of the trans-European transmission grid of the Regional Group Continental Europe of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity. As the control area manager for Austria, APG is responsible for ensuring a stable balance between generation and utilisation at all times. APG operates the largest supra-regional high and extra-high voltage grid in Austria with the voltage levels 110, 220 and 380 kV. With a route length of approximately 3,500 kilometres and just under 6,800 kilometres of connected lines as well as 62 substations and switching systems, APG’s grid is the backbone of Austria’s power supply. With a team of 450 specialists it ensures the cross regional exchange of electricity both inside and outside of Austria between energy providers and consumers while guaranteeing a stable supply to the distribution grids.

CyberGRID GmbH

CyberGRID GmbH, established in 2010 in Vienna, is specialized in the development and deployment of flexibility aggregation platforms in partnership with electricity utilities, retailers, transmission and distribution system operators and energy service companies. Flexibility aggregation platforms are an advanced ICT solution that aggregates a variety of distributed renewable generation, demand response capabilities and storage resources into a clean energy asset that can supply high quality ancillary services. Today cyberGRID is recognized as a leading independent authority in its field with highly experienced team supporting more than 60 partners from 16 countries.

Slovenia : ELES Ltd. - EIMV - Elektro Energija - GEN-I d.o.o. - Elektro Ljubljana


ELES is an integral part of the Slovenian electrical power industry. As the system operator of the Slovenia’s transmission network, ELES preserves the balance between generated and consumed power. Established and owned by the state and upholding the standards of a contemporarily organized enterprise, ELES, with its 530 employees and state-of-the-art technology, stands side-by-side with Europe’s most advanced transmission system operators. ELES endeavours to plan, construct and maintain Slovenia’s transmission network strategically, responsibly and sustainably.

Elektroinstitut Milan Vidmar

Elektroinstitut Milan Vidmar is the leading Slovenian engineering and scientific research organization acting in the area of electric power engineering. The Institute is an institution with tradition, established in 1948. From the economic and technological perspective, it addresses issues of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It releases feasibility and implementation studies, expert reports, makes technological, environmental and other analyses, inspects quality and operation of electric power systems and facilities as required by electric power utilities, ministries, as well as national and regional authorities. The institute carries out R&D projects on EU (H2020) and regional levels with various level of sophistication from idea to its realization. EIMV is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company.

Elektro Energija

Elektro energija d.o.o. is one of the largest suppliers of electrical energy within Slovenia’s retail market, specialized in the sale of electricity and natural gas and other energy products to end consumers.

They are aware that customer satisfaction and environmental care are of crucial importance; therefore their mission was built on both. With years of experience, knowledge and services that adapt to the needs of users, the company provides a competitive and quality service that is innovative and environmentally friendly. It ensures for end users a consistent and reliable energy supply for consumption in the home and at the workplace. Elektro energija guarantees a reliable energy supply, ensuring peace of mind to energy users.

Linked third party: Elektro Ljubljana d.d.

GEN-I, trgovanje in prodaja električne energije, d.o.o.

The GEN-I Group is active in the field of electricity and natural gas trading and sales with GEN-I, d.o.o., as the group’s parent company. The group was established in 2004 as a newcomer on the energy market with rapid growth since then. With its 13 subsidiaries it is present on 19 wholesale and 8 retail electricity markets and 5 wholesale and 3 retail gas markets connecting Germanyand France in the West to Ukraine and Turkey in the East. It is recognized as one of the leading electricity-trading player across Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European region, and becoming an increasingly progressive actor on the liquid markets of Western Europe as well. Offering the short-term optimisation services and demand response, as well as ancillary services, GEN-I is one of the most attractive and reliable energy trading and supply companies in the region. In the retail market,GEN-I supplies gas and electricity to all segments on the market, from large I&C, public authorities, SME and down to domestic customers. In Slovenia, the group is the largest electricity supplier and the second largest supplier of natural gas. GEN-I is largest buyer of electricity from small renewables and dispersed generation in Slovenia. GEN-I also established a pool for participating in the ancillary service market of Austria, acting as an aggregator of large I&C market participants.

Linked third parties: GEN-I Vienna GmbH, GEN-I Bucharest s.r.l., GEN-I Budapest Kft.

Elektro Ljubljana

Elektro Ljubljana performs several (i.e. statutory) network activities and provides a wide range of commercial services related to the electricity infrastructure in central and south-east Slovenia. Our qualified workers take care of the biggest distribution network in Slovenia while Elektro Ljubljana owns the infrastructure that provides electric power to a large part of the country.

Serbia: EKC Ltd.

Electricity Coordinating Center (EKC) Ltd.

Electricity Coordinating Center (EKC) Ltd. provides consulting services in the fields of electric power systems (power generation, transmission and distribution systems) and electricity markets. EKC was established in 1993, with the main task to coordinate exploitation and control of power systems in Southeast Europe. The company has been providing consulting services since 1997, when Studies and Consulting Department was established in EKC, with the goal to extend company’s profile, as well as to increase quality of these services in the region of Southeast Europe. Meanwhile, we have grown into a well-known and recognized consulting company in Europe and in the regions of Middle East, Central Asia and East Africa. EKC employs highly skilled and experienced staff, educated and trained to fulfil any task given. Our experts use world-wide known professional software tools (PSS®E, DigSilent Power Factory, GTMax, Antares, WASP) and application software developed by EKC (TNA, BETSEE, Merlin, MACSIM), which are also widely used in Continental Europe. In addition to consulting services, we organize educational and professional trainings through EKCs special department for Education – Education Center.

Romania : C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica S.A. - Teletrans S.A.


Transelectrica is the Romanian Transmission and System Operator, which manages and operates the electricity transmission system and provides the electricity exchanges between with European countries within the European Network of Transmission and System Operators for Electricity framework. It is monitoring the operation of the balancing market, the ancillary services market and the market for allocation of cross-border Capacities. Transelectrica is responsible for electricity transmission, system and market operation, grid and market infrastructure development ensuring the security of the Romanian power system. It also secures power generation dispatching and provides real-time control of the power system, while planning and developing the transmission grid. The National Power Grid Company Transelectrica consists of 81 electrical substations and over 9000 km overhead electric lines, with nominal voltage higher than 110 kV at national and strategic interest and 216 main transformer units amounting to 37,800 MVA.


Society for telecommunications and information technology in electricity transmission networks.

Hungary : MAVIR ZRt.


MAVIR Magyar Villamosenergia-ipari Átviteli Rendszerirányító Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság [MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd.] is a young organization of great traditions and vast experience. Tradition, experience and youth in this case are not contradictory: before the establishment of MAVIR, Országos Villamos Teherelosztó [the National Power Dispatch Centre] had been performing the technical tasks of system operation since November 1949. Its highly skilled team of experts, who love their profession and pursue it on a high level, have joined MAVIR, which is more than the old dispatch centre: today MAVIR is responsible for maintaining the capacity balance of the National Power System and for balancing the deviations of the balancing groups from plan targets.

Germany : SAP


Over the past 42 years, SAP has grown to become the world’s leading provider of business software solutions. With 12 million
users, 96,400 installations, and more than 1,500 partners, SAP is the world’s largest inter-enterprise software company and the world’s third-largest independent software supplier, overall. SAP solutions help enterprises of all sizes around the world to improve customer relationships, enhance partner collaboration and create efficiencies across their supply chains and business operations. SAP group includes subsidiaries in over 180 countries and employs more than 74.400 people. SAP industry solutions support the unique business processes of more than 25 industry segments, including high tech, retail, manufacturing and financial services. Through a variety of research projects, SAP seeks to bridge the gap between open, collaborative research with external partners and the exploitation or research results into new or existing SAP product lines through SAP’s development groups. SAP Products & Innovation is the worldwide business unit responsible for the development and delivery of all products across SAP’s product portfolio including applications, analytics, cloud, database and technology, and mobile.

Belgium : 3E


3E is a technology company in sustainable energy. It provides consultancy and software to improve the performance of renewable energy portfolios, to reduce energy consumption and to facilitate grid and market interaction. 3E’s expertise covers solar energy, wind energy, sustainable buildings and sites optimisation, power infrastructure and energy markets. 3E’s clients include project developers and investors, power utilities and grid operators, technology manufacturers, asset managers, maintenance companies and public authorities.

France : Thales


GEMALTO SA is the world leader in digital security with 2014 annual revenues of EUR 2.5 billion and more than 14,000 employees operating out of 99 offices and 34 research and software development centers, located in 46 countries. We are at the heart of the rapidly evolving digital society. Billions of people worldwide increasingly want the freedom to communicate, travel, shop, bank, entertain and work – anytime, everywhere – in ways that are enjoyable and safe. Gemalto enables companies and administrations to offer trusted and convenient digital services to these individuals. We secure in particular mobile services, the financial transactions, the internet and private clouds, eHealthcare systems, access to eGovernment services, the internet-of-things, and transport ticketing systems. Our unique technology portfolio from cryptographic software embedded in a variety of familiar objects to high-volume high-availability authentication, encryption and rights management platforms and world class service delivery teams are valued by our blue-chip customers in more than 180 countries around the world. Gemalto helps people to trust one another in an increasingly connected digital world.

Linked third party: TRUSTED LABS SAS.