For TSOs and NRAs

FutureFlow is addressing some hot topics that TSOs are challenged with nowadays:

  • Integration of renewables into balancing markets
    • FutureFlow shall test if Demand Side (DSM) and Distributed Generation (DG) units are capable of providing the most challenging balancing services, such as automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR), to the balancing markets and to which extent. It shall answer the question which industrial technologies are most suitable for participation in aFRR markets.
  • Establishment of regional/EU wide markets for cross-border exchange of balancing and redispatching services
    • Four TSOs / four electric power systems, rather different in terms of their size, market maturity, amount of resources capable of providing flexible balancing services etc., are implementing Regional Balancing Platform with Common Activation Function for cross-border exchange of aFRR and redispatch services. In addition to conventional power plants, the participation of DSM and DG units shall enrich the competition and prepare the ground for new entrants on a wide scale.
    • With field pilot tests of increasing complexity, the TSOs shall demonstrate benefits for its own electric power systems, prosumers, as well as for broader TSO community.
  • Grid Security
    • In the environment with significant influence of RES, the concern of grid security has been growing. FutureFlow establishes a very strong link between Grid Security, Consumers and RES. Consumers instead of being passive observers become the guardians of the Power System.
  • Implementation of regulatory policies
    • FutureFlow is creating environment fit for DSM and DG. Among wide selection of existing balancing products, that nowadays are of questionable usefulness for renewables, FutureFlow shall search for and test which product and its characteristics fit most for DSM&DG.

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