For industrial target groups

  • Cyber security is at mission critical ancillary service, like aFRR, of paramount importance. The whole aFRR information value chain, from field units up to the market, needs to be sufficiently secured against attacks and fraud. Innovative approach is being led by Gemalto which will set new standards in this domain.
  • Integrated balancing markets are recognized to be one of the most important facilitators of the successful renewables integration. SAP is leading the development of a HANA Cloud based aFRR regional market platform, that will allow seamless exchange of biding information between TSOs, conventional players and new market players like aggregators, renewables, storage operators etc.
  • TSO SCADA system needs to adopt to cope with the new challenges arising from ongoing energy paradigm shift. New modules are being developed and will be tested against different use cases by partnering TSOs: ELES, APG, Mavir and Transelectrica. These innovative modules will in the future become standard feature of advanced SCADA systems.
  • Flexibility platforms used by retailers or independent aggregators to pool flexible loads, renewables, distributed generation, storage etc., are today often used for provision of tertiary reserve (mFRR). A novel aFRR flexibility platform modules are being developed by cyberGRID and 3E, with clear objective to enable alternative resources to become a secure and reliable aFRR asset.
  • IoT field units, like compact RTUs and PLCs, used to log and exchange metering data and enable remote control of flexibility resources needs to be reliable, though cheap enough to support mass deployment and sufficient return on investment.

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