For prosumers

  • Real consumers and producers (prosumers) of electrical energy were invited to collaborate in FutureFlow as flexibility power test providers.
  • The actual prosumers will have the possibility to learn and to prepare for the future market developments, not only on the national but also on the regional level. By including their staff in FutureFlow project, not only theoretical knowledge or informative awareness on balancing services will be raised, but also practical skills of operating flexible technical units under balancing market rules will be developed. The prosumers will also benefit from identifying their technical and technological constraints and assessing their overall readiness for participating in the FutureFlow envisaged balancing market environment.
  • The prosumers in the outcomes of FutureFlow will be able to learn from the experiences of pilot participants, which will be published on this website.
  • After only a few months of very tight collaboration between energy agents and prosumers strong relationship has already been established.

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