For IT companies

IT is a game changer in business nowadays and can make the difference between staying on the brink of innovation and being a follower. The FutureFlow project is a great opportunity for the energy industry to disrupt the electricity market structure with value-adding opportunities that reflect in overall social welfare, sustainability for energy producers, stability of the energy grids and improved service for the customers.

With extensive experience in Big Data and cloud projects, SAP brings to FutureFlow a novel infrastructure for data and analytics – HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) – that is reliable, powerful and highly scalable. HCP in an open platform-as-a-service that provides unique in-memory database and application services that enables the rapid deployment of new applications or the extension of SAP applications in the cloud.

HCP is already used by thousands of clients, mostly operating in the automotive, retail, healthcare, chemicals, high tech, utilities and oil&gas industries.

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