‘Designing eTrading Solutions for Electricity Balancing and Redispatching in Europe’

Project Overview

FutureFlow links interconnected control areas of four transmission system operators of Central-South Europe which today do face increasing challenges to ensure transmission system security: the growing share of renewable electricity units has reduced drastically the capabilities of conventional, fossil-fuel based means to ensure balancing activities and congestion relief through redispatching. Research and innovation activities are proposed to validate that consumers and distributed generators can be put in a position to provide balancing and redispatching services, within an attractive business environment.

The overarching goal of the present Research and Innovation Action is:

To design and pilot test comprehensive techno-economic models for open and non-discriminatory access of advanced consumers and distributed generators to a regional platform for ancillary/balancing and redispatching services

Synergetic benefits


  • More competition in reserve markets
  • Possible decrease in the total volume of reserves contracted
  • More efficient congestion management

For aggregators:

  • Increased attractiveness and/or profitability growth potential

For C&I consumers, prosumers and distributed generators:

  • Increased profitability of turnover from their assets

The consortium


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